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Decision to Leave

A detective falls in love with the mysterious widow of a murder victim in a remote mountain village.


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Have you ever imagined a movie that mixes, almost in equal doses, romance and police investigation? It seems unusual, even a bit messy, but that's exactly what 'Decision to Leave' does. Directed by Park Chan-wook (from the great 'Oldboy' and 'The Handmaiden'), this winner of the Cannes Film Festival 2022 Best Director Award tells the story of an efficient and meticulous detective investigating a possible murder in a remote mountain village. There he begins to develop a love affair with the victim's widow, whom he considers the main suspect. Reminiscent of 'Ghost Story', talking about love dependence and the challenges of a romance against all social conventions, 'Decision to Leave' is beautiful, unusual, strange and, despite being long (2h19), it passes quickly as it delves into the mysteries of crime and love. Another success from Chan-wook.



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A detective investigating a man's death in the mountains meets the dead man's mysterious wife in the course of his dogged sleuthing.

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