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Dawn Raid

A hip-hop record label rises, falls and fights to redeem itself in the Pacific music landscape.


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A documentary about the New Zealand record label Dawn Raid Entertainment, which has represented hip-hop and R&B musicians such as Savage, Mareko and The Deceptikonz, among others. You may have never heard of these artists or the label, and yes, the protagonists and subject of 'Dawn Raid' may seem a bit too specific. However, the way the documentary tells the story of the label's founders, portraying their resilience to save the company against all odds, is truly inspiring, so it's a really enjoyable movie even for those not very much into music.



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Plot summary

'Dawn Raid' tells the remarkable story behind the rise, downfall and redemption of Dawn Raid Entertainment, the influential hip hop record label that forever changed the music landscape in the Pacific.

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