Ahed's KneeAhed's Knee
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Ahed's Knee

An Israeli filmmaker confronts the death of freedom and his mother in a remote village.


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Continuing his exploration of the paradoxes and contradictions of individual identity and nationality, Israeli filmmaker Nadav Lapid (‘Synonyms’) tells here an autobiographical story about a film director who arrives in a remote village to present a movie, but must face two battles destined for failure: the death of freedom in his country, and the death of his own mother. The director here seeks a settling of accounts between the condition of the artist and a national identity that only intrudes, frustrates and ultimately kills the power of art, through an intense human drama with strongly political overtones.



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Plot summary

Y., an Israeli filmmaker in his mid-forties, arrives in a remote village at the far end of the desert to present one of his films. There he meets Yahalom, an officer for the Ministry of Culture, and finds himself fighting two losing battles: one against the death of freedom in his country, the other against the death of his mother.

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