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Wet Sand

A woman uncovers a web of lies about her grandfather's love life in a tight-knit Georgian village.


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Coming from the rich contemporary Georgian cinema, 'Wet Sand' follows a more conventional linear narrative structure. The story takes place in a small town on the Black Sea coast of Georgia, a tight-knit community where everyone knows each other. Until a man is found hanged and his granddaughter comes to organize his funeral, uncovering a web of lies and secrets about her grandfather's love life. It's a narrative full of mystery and intrigue, tackling the entrenched intolerance in small, closed communities, contrasting with the beauty and authenticity of love.



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Plot summary

A village on the Georgian Black Sea is full of friendly people convinced they know each other, but one day, Eliko is found hanged. When his granddaughter Moe comes to organize his funeral, she is confronted with a web of lies. The truth, however, frees Moe’s capability to love.

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