My Fake BoyfriendMy Fake Boyfriend
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My Fake Boyfriend

A young man creates a fake boyfriend on social media to avoid his ex-lover but falls in love with someone else.


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My Fake Boyfriend is a typical romantic comedy focused on young adults, exploring the hardships of love at this age. Directed by Rose Troche (‘Destiny’s Encounters’, ‘Perfect Match’), the story follows a young person who takes their best friend's advice to create a fake boyfriend on social media in order to keep their terrible ex out of their life. Funny and heartwarming, the movie successfully delivers an endearing and relatable story that also puts diversity at its narrative core without any artificiality.



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Plot summary

In the film, a young man in a tricky situation follows the advice of his unconventional best friend and uses social media to create a fake boyfriend to keep his awful ex-lover out of his life. But everything backfires when he meets the real love of his life, and breaking up with his fake boyfriend proves hard to do.

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