The Hole in the FenceThe Hole in the Fence
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The Hole in the Fence

A summer camp for elite Mexican boys turns violent, revealing the toxic masculinity perpetuated by Catholic morality.


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Directed by Joaquín del Paso (of the brilliant 'Maquinaria Panamericana'), 'El hoyo en la cerca' is a film that plays with the conventions of horror, but to tell us something that has nothing to do with the supernatural. The story takes place during the summer camp of a prestigious religious educational institution, attended by the children of Mexican elites. What should have been a time of learning starts badly, very badly, as there is violence and discrimination among the children - all of them men - and things will get worse with the teachings of adults. Del Paso takes an x-ray of contemporary masculinity in Mexico and the role that Catholic morality plays in its perpetuation. Although at times scattered and too frontal for its own good, it is a powerful critique that invites us to reflect on the ills that afflict our country, from the root.



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As every year, the Los Pinos school, a prestigious school of the confessional type, sends its students on retreat to the countryside. Under the watchful eye of teachers and priests, the children are led on the path of their physical and moral development. Through the gaze of several middle and upper class teenagers, the film shows how their upbringing affects the future of society itself.

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