Husband, Wife, Kids and LoversHusband, Wife, Kids and Lovers
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Husband, Wife, Kids and Lovers

A couple's weekend trip turns into a comedy of errors when their lovers show up.


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No doubt, French cinema has become very popular thanks to its important manufacturing in the comedy genre. Now it's the turn of You and Me, the Kids and Our Lovers, a family comedy that presents a story about an apparently perfect family, but which doesn't escape from problems and that leads them to a hilarious entanglement that will uncover themes such as family fracture and, above all, marriage problems. Although perhaps the tone of the film wouldn't be the most appropriate to address this type of issues, it never hurts to learn to laugh at these situations and try to face them in the best way.



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Plot summary

A couple will not be able to hide their lovers during a weekend trip. Upon discovering mutual infidelity, they will form new bonds and reframe their relationship. A comedy full of surprises.

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