Our Bodies Are Your BattlefieldsOur Bodies Are Your Battlefields
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Our Bodies Are Your Battlefields

Two trans women, Claudia and Violeta, fight against patriarchal violence in a divided Argentina.


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Identity and body cannot be separated, and the body is the only true tool of struggle. These are the precepts on which 'Nuestros Cuerpos son sus Campos de Batalla', the Argentine documentary by director Isabelle Solas, winner of the Maguey Award for Best Film at the 2021 Guadalajara International Film Festival, is built. The documentary follows two trans activists, Claudia and Violeta, who led the fight against patriarchal oppression in Argentina, in a society divided between feminist progressivism and repressive conservatism (where in the world is this not happening?). 'Our Bodies Are Your Battlefields' palpably, but respectfully and authentically, portrays the reality of the trans community in Argentina, offering a universal lesson: that fighting is the only way to achieve the changes necessary to achieve a just society for all.



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The political journey and intimate lives of trans women Claudia and Violeta, in an Argentina divided between deep conservatism and a momentum in feminism. Their fight against patriarchal violence – as part of an ongoing, intersectional revolution – is visceral and embodied.

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