A ColmeiaA Colmeia
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A Colmeia

A group of German immigrants in southern Brazil face oppression and famine in isolation.


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This is the second feature film by Gilson Vargas ("Dromedário no Asfalto"), which was awarded the Kikito for Best Direction in Short Film at the Gramado Festival for "Casa Afogada". "A Colmeia", selected for various international festivals, deals with a relationship between Brazilians and Germans during World War II in the interior of Rio Grande do Sul. The production focuses on all the tension of being hidden and away from one's homeland, since the plot shows a group of isolated immigrants, and the conflicts that such a situation brings. Despite the large number of films about this phase, this one manages to bring a very different view of what we are used to and stand out - mainly for being a national production.



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A group of German immigrants live in isolation in the interior of southern Brazil. There they are oppressed by the eminence of external aggressors, but also by the eminence of famine and the collapse of group unity.

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