Os Primeiros SoldadosOs Primeiros Soldados
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Os Primeiros Soldados

A biologist tries to understand the AIDS crisis in Brazil, affecting him and his loved ones.


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Countless movies about HIV have already been made from various perspectives, such as the intense "120 Beats Per Minute" or the star-studded "The Normal Heart". However, few are as elegant and powerful as "The First Soldiers". Directed and written by Rodrigo de Oliveira (from the inventive "All Pauls in the World"), the feature film takes place in the early 1980s, when the explosion of HIV infections begins to spread, but no one understands exactly what is happening. That's where Suzano's (Johnny Massaro) story comes in, a biologist trying to understand this disease that affects him and his. With great sensitivity, Rodrigo puts together this puzzle, showing the environment around the protagonist and how things progress as the disease advances and more details are understood. "The First Soldiers" thus paints a panorama that makes the audience look back, but without forgetting the present and future, with real characters that bring a strong and profound reflection.



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The beginning of the AIDS crisis in the early 1980s when the first wave of the epidemic hit Brazil.

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