Lola & Her BrothersLola & Her Brothers
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Lola & Her Brothers

Three siblings face life's ups and downs, including marriage, fatherhood, and labor problems.


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Comedy-drama with a French cinema face, 'Lola et ses frères' tells the story of Lola, a divorce lawyer who has two brothers: Benoit, owner of an optician, and Pierre, who works in building demolition. As life pulls this trio down different paths, the brothers become more and more united - mainly in pain (or would it be nostalgia?) - by the absence of their parents. With remarkable performances by Ludivine Sagnier ('Lupin'), José Garcia ('Truque de Mestre') and Jean-Paul Rouve ('Piaf: A Hymn to Love'), the feature film presents a good interesting reflection on the importance of family ties, how differences can unite and, above all, how it is important to have real connections in adult life.



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Plot summary

Lola, a divorce lawyer, has two brothers: Benoit, owner of an optical shop, and Pierre, who works demolishing buildings. Everything seems to keep these three siblings apart, although, in reality, they are inseparable. In fact, they usually gather in the cemetery next to the grave of their deceased parents. Together, they will share the ups and downs of their respective lives: Benoit's wedding, marriage crisis and fatherhood; Lola's relationship with Zoher, a former client of her, and Pierre's labor problems.

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