Who You Gonna Call?Who You Gonna Call?
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Who You Gonna Call?

The untold story of a legendary musician's rise to fame, from Detroit to Hollywood.


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It's common for an artist to have a single, world-renowned hit that defines their name and career. This could be the case of Ray Parker Jr., best known for the iconic theme song from 'Ghostbusters'. But as with many similar cases, Ray Parker Jr. is much more than that. 'Who You Gonna Call? The Story Behind a Hit' is a documentary that breaks this myth, starting with his beginnings as a boy growing up in the violence of Detroit and exploring Parker's prolific career as one of the great composers of the 70s and 80s. It's a somewhat conventional documentary, but the story it tells is truly fascinating, featuring interviews with musicians like Stevie Wonder as well as two legends from the 'Ghostbusters' saga: director Ivan Reitman and actor Ernie Hudson.



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Chances are, even someone who doesn't immediately recognize the name Ray Parker Jr. will recognize his monster smash hit song "Ghost Busters" This is the amazing and fascinating story of Ray Parker Jr. who escaped the violence of the 1967 Detroit riots to become one of the most prolific session guitarists, songwriters and stars of the 70's and 80's. From award winning director and producer of the hit film, Hired Gun, Fran Strine unveils the never before told stories of Ray Parker Jr. who has given him unprecedented access to his story.

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