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Rua Guaicurus

A glimpse into the lives of prostitutes in a Belo Horizonte red-light district.


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Guaicurus Street is a street in Belo Horizonte, known for prostitution. On this street, which resembles the center of any other large city in the country, there is the particularity of having women selling their bodies, for a few hours, in exchange for hard-earned money. This is the reality, the life of these people. And it is precisely about this that the film 'Guaicurus Street' speaks. Mixing documentary and fiction in a liquid plot, which never really materializes, the feature film walks around the events of this Minas Gerais street. And that's where the first great move of 'Guaicurus Street' comes in: the plot and its observation element converse, coexist. Prostitutes are mysterious. They live between reality and fiction; truth and lies. The film follows this path. We don't know what is true or not. It's a great move by filmmaker João Borges, making the film gain layers and not stay in the same place. It's true that it's a bit voyeuristic, despite some representations, but it works. Another point of interest is how the film never condemns these women: the sale of their bodies is a condition within a larger context and the film, rightly, does not even try to understand this. He knows that it is like this and that's it, showing this intimacy and how there is life everywhere. Even there on Guaicurus.



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A red-light district in Belo Horizonte. The camera is admitted into a 'running house'. Love for sale looks like a routine, dreary assembly line exercise here, sometimes almost like a comedy.

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