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Zombies 3

Seabrook's monsters and humans unite to face an extraterrestrial threat.


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If you were one of those who enjoyed Disney Channel or Disney XD TV productions, you should know that 'Zombies 3' keeps that spirit intact - but now for you to enjoy streaming. For this third part, many of the conflicts are resolved, since a healthy coexistence between monsters and humans in Seabrook is a reality. However, together they must face a new threat. The movie maintains a true youthful spirit and brings the convergence of several themes, such as growing and maturing, in addition to a fun mix of genres: science fiction, fantasy and musical.



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Plot summary

Zed anticipates an athletic scholarship while Addison is gearing up for Seabrook's international cheer-off competition. Then suddenly, extraterrestrial beings appear around Seabrook, causing more than friendly competition.

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