Un retrato de familiaUn retrato de familia
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Un retrato de familia

Mariano sacrifices his career to save his marriage with Lucía.


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Target audience for director Sergio Zurita's "A Family Portrait" are fans of classic Mexican romantic comedies. This is why it's not surprising he recruited the writers from "We Are The Nobles" (one of the most successful Mexican films in history) to write the screenplay. Together with Zurita, the directing duo created an incredibly entertaining comedy that captures the exaggerated jokes characteristic of the genre in Mexico through a family-oriented plot. It meets expectations of seeing drama at its best with the story of an older man doing everything he can to rekindle passion in his marriage.



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Mariano is desperate to reconnect with his wife, Lucía, and he’s willing to do everything he can to achieve it. Everything from taking advice from much younger people, up to abandoning a promising job offer so he can spend more time with his family.

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