Jaguaretê-avá: Pantanal em chamasJaguaretê-avá: Pantanal em chamas
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Jaguaretê-avá: Pantanal em chamas

A filmmaker documents the struggle to save the Pantanal from the worst fires in history


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"Jaguaretê-avá: Pantanal em chamas" is a documentary by Lawrence Whaba that narrates the events of the worst fire that has ever affected the Pantanal, when about 30% of the biome was burned in 2020. The production is very relevant for showing the strength of the biome, using the myth of the man-jaguar, the Jaguaretê Ava. The protagonists of this feature are the jaguars, part of the animals affected by the incident. Amanaci, Ousado and Ague are the owners of the narrative and through "Jaguaretê-avá: Pantanal em chamas" we get to know their stories. The production is creative, brings a different point of view of the fire and still makes an alert about the importance of environmental balance, those who suffer the most are those who have no relation to the damage that man has done to nature.



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Nature documentary filmmaker Lawrence Wahba filmed, almost by accident, the first outbreaks of what would become the worst forest fires in the history of this natural heritage site in the south of the Amazon. So, guided by a spiritual call, Wahba spent 10 weeks with firefighters, veterinarians, volunteers and researchers... recording his arduous struggle for life and the recovery of the biome. After the rains arrive, the documentary filmmaker investigates the causes of the fires and how the tragedy could have been avoided.

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