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De Repente Drag

A reporter and a cameraman investigate human trafficking involving a drag queen.


Why watch this film?

For those who enjoy drag culture and/or want to learn more, this movie is highly recommended. Featuring special appearances by references of the artistic movement, Márcia Pantera, Pepita, Potyguara Bardo, Kaya Conky, Silvetty Montilla, and Tchaka, 'De Repente Drag' is a celebration of this type of art in Brazil. Director and screenwriter Rafaela Gonçalves brought references from 'Priscilla, Queen of the Desert' to a plot that tells the story of Julião Siqueira, a reporter who has become a joke at the station he works for. Tired of this situation, he decides it's time to change and gets a scoop when he finds drag queen Lohanny, who is involved in a human trafficking case. Now, he must enter this universe to investigate the case and learn some life lessons. This is a fun movie with good reflections on prejudice and how we deal with things we don't know.



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Plot summary

Reporter Julião Siqueira, tired of being a joke at the station he works for, teams up with cameraman Yasmin to investigate a human trafficking complaint involving drag queen Lohanny and Nordrags agency. For this, the two will head into the world of Drag Queens.

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