Além da Lenda: O FilmeAlém da Lenda: O Filme
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Além da Lenda: O Filme

A boy protects Brazilian folklore from foreign characters on Halloween.


Why watch this film?

On the Day of the Saci in Brazil, it is celebrated on the same day as Halloween. Despite the cultural importance of the folkloric character, it often gets overshadowed by American and European creations. This is exactly what 'Beyond the Legend: The Movie', the first animation from Pernambuco, is about. It takes the story that has already been a success on TV to the big screen. Here, Brazilian characters come into conflict with these other foreign characters in a story where they try to show their importance and escape oblivion. Perfect for children to get in touch with legends like Cuca, Saci and Curupira, the movie has good ideas, such as Saci's birthday party with a hard cake, a candle that almost kills the birthday boy and few guests.



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Plot summary

When three Halloween characters come to the country with the idea of ​​capturing the secret book of Brazilian folklore and thus "dominating" Brazilian legends, the book ends up getting lost and accidentally reaching the hands of the boy Lucas, a fan of superheroes, comics and games. Even without knowing it, the boy will be responsible for protecting part of our folklore, which ends up creating a strong bond of friendship between him and Brazilian legends.

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