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The Last Mark

A hitman faces a crisis of conscience when tasked to kill a witness, his most difficult target yet.


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"The Last Mark" directed by Reem Morsi is a thrilling action movie that keeps you on the edge of your seat from start to finish. The plot revolves around a young woman who witnesses a mob hit and becomes the target of a seasoned assassin and his deranged partner. The movie is fast-paced and action-packed, with plenty of twists and turns that keep the audience engaged.The acting in the movie is top-notch, with the cast delivering convincing performances that bring the characters to life. The action scenes are well choreographed and executed, and the cinematography is excellent, capturing the gritty and dangerous world of the mob.Overall, "The Last Mark" is a must-see movie for fans of action and thriller genres. The movie is well-directed, with a tight script and great performances that keep you invested in the story. It's a movie that will leave you satisfied and wanting more.



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Plot summary

A self-loathing and aging hitman, Keele, is tasked to kill a witness who can link him and his psychotic partner, Palmer, to a recent murder. This routine execution falls apart as Keele struggles with pulling off his task due to a crisis of conscience. He quickly discovers that his new mark, Peyton, is the most difficult target of his career.

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