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Papai é Pop

A man's life changes with fatherhood, but he struggles to balance video games and football with his daughter.


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Tom (Lázaro Ramos) and Elisa (Paolla Oliveira) see their routine transform with the birth of their daughter. Crying at night, changing diapers, worrying about little Laurinha's growth. But things get out of hand when Lázaro's character doesn't embark on fatherhood as he could and should. Video games come before worrying about his daughter, just like football. He listens more to his undisciplined friend than his wife. That's where 'Papai e Pop' begins to show the importance of a present father, who doesn't leave everything in the mother's lap, especially in a society that treats women as the main (if not only) responsible for children. Director Caito Ortiz (of the hilarious 'O Roubo da Taça') knows how to handle this story responsibly, although some not so fitting messages escape at certain moments - after all, no father can be deified for doing the minimum, the basics. In the end, you can watch the movie without bumps, with a smile on your face, thinking of the wonders of fatherhood. Click here to read the interview with Lázaro Ramos and Paolla Oliveira.



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Plot summary

Tom is an ordinary man who sees his life change when he becomes a father. Alongside his wife Elisa, Tom needs to learn in practice how to take care of his daughter and, in the midst of fun and exciting everyday situations, he presents an inner transformation that conflicts with the way society sees a present father.

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