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Maior que o Mundo

A writer plagiarizes a dwarf thug's diary and achieves success, but faces consequences.


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This movie, 'Bigger Than the World', pays homage to the so-called "Trash Cinema". It starts with a provocation: Kbeto (Eriberto Leão) is the typical character of what is known as "male literature". He's a bon vivant who goes around having sex, taking drugs and living off of his writing. He seems like some kind of Bukowski personification. From there, director Roberto Marquez dives into the story of this writer going through a creative crisis. In his day-to-day life, he just takes drugs with his friend Mina (Luana Piovani), sleeps with the young Audra (Gabi Lopes) and drinks at the bar near his house. But little by little, he starts to lose control, with money running out and bills piling up. That's when he decides to take drastic measures: when he finds a diary in a dumpster, about a year in the life of a drug trafficker, he simply plagiarizes the plot and publishes it as his own. The rest is history. From then on, 'Bigger Than the World' demands attention from the audience, since it embraces the farcical without ever delving deeper into the plot as it should. As a result, the film can be interpreted as a joke, an unfunny comedy, leaving aside the good homage and the truly impactful ending.



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Plot summary

Kbeto's drama is being a writer with writer's block for years. Kbeto even has ideas — some of them brilliant — but he prefers to squander them in the frenetic nightlife of São Paulo. One day, inside a dumpster, Kbeto finds the diary of a dwarf thug. Fascinated by the story of the dwarf Altair, he transcribes the bombastic manuscript and publishes the novel 'Greater Than the World' with his name, which soon achieves a resounding success with public and critics. That's where his problems start.

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