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The Princess

A bold and immersive narrative of Princess Diana's life and death through contemporaneous archive.


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Even decades after her death, Princess Diana continues to draw attention to her life and death. While films like 'Spencer' fictionalize the drama she lived, others try to bring the most details with real images. This is the case of 'The Princess', a documentary by Ed Perkins ('Black Sheep') that, through archive images, brings a new look at the life of Princess Diana, from a contemporary point of view. The narrative of the film, also signed by Perkins, is the great success that differentiates the documentary from a flood of other productions about Lady Di: more than spectacularizing the event, the filmmaker examines everything around Diana - from the public to the monarchy.



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Princess Diana's story is told exclusively through contemporaneous archive creating a bold and immersive narrative of her life and death. It also illuminates how the public's attitude to the monarchy was, and still is.

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