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My Sweet Monster

Princess Barbara must flee when the sneaky post clerk demands to marry her. Sweet monster Boogey helps her save the kingdom.


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My Sweet Monster is a Russian production that, in addition to narrating an entertaining story for children, offers an interesting reflection on the preservation of nature against technology. It's a simple story: Princess Barbara rebels against her father, but when the kingdom falls into the hands of the evil Joyce, she must flee and accept the help of a legendary monster to save it. Although its narrative seems to take the classic feudal path, the animation leans towards giving villains (an army of robotic rats) a modern touch amidst green fields and forests that are dominated by the friendly monster of the title. In the end, the aesthetics of the film has a very special and novel punk feel, which will be very attractive for children and animation lovers.



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Plot summary

Princess Barbara is secretly in love with Prince Edward. When the sneaky post clerk Weasel demands the king to marry him to Barbara, she flees. Sweet monster Boogey does everything in his might to help Barbara save the kingdom.

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