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My Week With Marilyn

A young man dreams of a career in the movie business and gets a job on the set of a film starring Marilyn Monroe.


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Marilyn Monroe is one of the greatest icons in Hollywood history, and many of the films and writings about her life attempt to encompass the entirety of her legend. Thanks to My Week with Marilyn (dramatizing only a brief but turbulent period of her life) being an intimate and powerful drama about Marilyn Monroe's stay in London to film The Prince and the Showgirl alongside Laurence Olivier (portrayed by Kenneth Branagh). The screenplay is based on the books My Week with Marilyn and The Prince, the Showgirl and I by Colin Clark (portrayed onscreen by Eddie Redmayne), who was a production assistant during the troubled shoot. It is a solid drama with great performances (Michelle Williams and Kenneth Branagh were nominated for an Oscar and BAFTA, and she won a Golden Globe for her work), and the story offers the perspective of an outsider on a moment that marked the start of decline for Monroe, both professionally and personally.



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Plot summary

London, 1956. Genius actor and film director Laurence Olivier is about to begin the shooting of his upcoming movie, premiered in 1957 as The Prince and the Showgirl, starring Marilyn Monroe. Young Colin Clark, who dreams on having a career in movie business, manages to get a job on the set as third assistant director.

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