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Blood Brothers

A family's secrets are exposed as two brothers compete for a mysterious woman and face a shocking inheritance.


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"Blood Brothers" (2021), directed by Jay Craven, is a gripping mystery-thriller that explores the complex relationship between two brothers and the arrival of a mysterious young woman on their island. The film is set during the Civil War and features stunning cinematography that captures the beauty and isolation of the island. The plot is well-crafted, with unexpected twists and turns that keep the audience engaged until the very end. The cast delivers strong performances, with standout performances from Jacqueline Bisset and Christian Coulson. The film also explores themes of love, betrayal, and family, making it a thought-provoking and emotionally resonant experience. Overall, "Blood Brothers" is a must-see for fans of the mystery-thriller genre and a testament to the talent of director Jay Craven.



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Two brothers’ relationship strains when the younger one receives news of a strange inheritance complicating their competition for a mysterious young woman who arrives on their island. The entire family reaches a breaking point brought about by startling revelations about their mother’s fidelity, love, friendship and betrayal.

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