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HollyBloodMovie on Netflix

Misunderstandings lead Sara to believe Javi has supernatural powers.


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Jesús Font, after his success in various series, ventures into cinema for the first time to create a teenage comedy that takes the best from many places. From the start, there is an obvious intention to parody the 'Twilight' saga, but the production also proudly borrows all the resources that make teenage comedies one of the public's favorite subgenres. Laughs, references and absurdities are the main dish in this movie starring Óscar Casas, Isa Montalbán and with the special participation of comedian and playwright Jordí Sanchez.



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Plot summary

Javi, a perfectly ordinary teenager who doesn't suspect that his crush on Sara might be reciprocated. Through a string of misunderstandings, Sara comes to believe that Javi is in possession of supernatural powers.

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