Soy tu fan: La películaSoy tu fan: La película
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Soy tu fan: La película

At a beach wedding, Charly and Nico reunite after 10 years, questioning if their love story is really over.


Why watch this film?

As a continuation of the famous Mexican television series, Soy tu fan: La película, is an interesting cinematic event. Even though the series ended after two seasons, it was the pleas from the fans that brought Charly and Nico's story back to the screen. Their return occurs ten years later, so their characters are different as well as the viewers who followed them episode by episode. The movie raises interesting dilemmas about youth as a memory that is gradually becoming more distant. It confronts its characters in the context of a hurricane that will force them to stay locked up to resignify the past. Of course, many of the original cast members are back, so the whole package is a most irresistible nostalgic treat.



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Plot summary

Ten years have passed since Charly and Nico ended a relationship that meant a lot to both of them and that promised to last forever. Now, they meet again at a beach wedding, full of significant people for both of them and who remind them of the old days. A reunion that shows them that, perhaps, their love story is not over...

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