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The Gardener

A wealthy family's holiday gathering is interrupted by a brutal home invasion, but the quiet gardener must save them.


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"The Gardener" is a thrilling action/crime movie directed by Scott Jeffrey and Rebecca J Matthews. The story revolves around an immigrant who works as a gardener at a manor house in England and has to rely on his old skills to save the family he works for from home invaders. The plot is well-crafted, and the action scenes are intense and engaging. The cast delivers solid performances, with Robert Bronzi in the lead role delivering an impressive performance as the ex-soldier turned gardener. The movie's pacing is spot-on, keeping the audience on the edge of their seats throughout. The cinematography is excellent, with beautiful shots of the English countryside adding to the movie's overall atmosphere. The film's soundtrack is also noteworthy, with Dean McGinnes delivering an excellent original score that enhances the movie's suspenseful moments. "The Gardener" is a must-watch for fans of action and crime movies, and it is a testament to the talents of its directors and cast. Overall, it is a well-crafted movie that will keep you entertained from start to finish.



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Plot summary

The quiet of the English countryside is shattered one brutal night in this intense home-invasion thriller. A troubled wealthy family gathers in a quaint manor home for the holidays, never suspecting that bloodthirsty, sadistic Volker and his crew linger at the gates, ready to attack, rob, and maim them at nightfall. But they didn’t count on the estate’s quiet gardener Peter Juhasz, who must return to the savage ways he learned as a soldier to save the family.

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