Eike: Tudo ou NadaEike: Tudo ou Nada
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Eike: Tudo ou Nada

An ambitious Eike Batista creates OGX to participate in pre-salt auction, but misguided decisions lead to downfall.


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Eike Batista has become a legend. First, positively: the seventh richest man in the world, the richest in Brazil and considered one of the country's economic pillars. Then, however, he became a legend that no one wants to be: a broken man who, after reaching this almost unattainable status, was even arrested for market manipulation and insider trading. And this rise and fall are portrayed in 'Eike: Tudo ou Nada', a film directed and written by Dida Andrade and Andradina Azevedo, as well as inspired by Malu Gaspar's book. With Nelson Freitas' remarkable performance as Eike, who is completely transformed on screen, the feature film becomes memorable for bringing these behind-the-scenes stories, with an Eike Batista we had never seen before. Click here to check out the interview about the movie.



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Plot summary

In 2006, when the Brazilian economy was taking off due to the discovery of oil in the pre-salt layer, Eike Batista decided to create the oil company OGX and hired the best men from Petrobras to participate in the pre-salt auction. But megalomaniacal plans and a series of misguided decisions and alliances cause their empire to crumble as spectacularly as it had grown.

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