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A woman leaves her family to embark on a journey of self-discovery


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Movies are not only for entertainment, but also to reflect on life and the boundaries that are imposed on us. And this is exactly the main focus of 'Desterro', a movie that dives into the story of Laura, a woman who runs away to find herself. The plot, directed by Maria Clara Escobar, talks about this character who leaves home and embarks on a personal journey without a defined direction. On her journey of self-discovery, she encounters unpredictable situations and other life stories that will reconfigure her own ideas. In 'Desterro', Laura no longer fits into her reality. She seems to be just living a life that is imposed on her. Director Maria Clara Escobar considers the social role of the female figure, the bonds that bind this woman to conventions and how this is changing, mainly through questioning and reflection.



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Plot summary

A young woman suddenly disappears, leaving her husband and son in disarray.

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