Nahuel and the Magic BookNahuel and the Magic Book
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Nahuel and the Magic Book

A boy overcomes his fear of the sea with a magical book, but a sorcerer kidnaps his father


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Presented at the Annecy Animated Film Festival, Nahuel and the Magic Book is a movie that stands out due to its well-achieved animation quality, being a Chilean production. The story is about a child who, despite living in a fishing village where he helps his father, has a deep fear of the sea. However, one day he finds a mysterious book that could solve his problem, but when his father is kidnapped by an ambitious sorcerer, Nahuel must face his fears to save him. With clear inspiration from Chilotan mythology (from the Chiloé archipelago, south of Chile) and Studio Ghibli productions, the movie tells us a very typical and uncomplicated story about maturing and the fight between good and evil. Nevertheless, it is very pleasing to the eyes, and its cultural relevance should not be underestimated.



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Plot summary

Nahuel is a curious boy who has a deep fear of the sea. One day, he come across a mysterious book that seems to be the solution of his trouble. What he doesn't know is the book is really magical, and Kalku, an ambitious warlock is after it.

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