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A French diplomat fights for survival in Siberia against FSB's plot.


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"Kompromat" was the term used for documents created by the KGB, mainly during the height of the Cold War, to destroy the reputation of enemies of the Soviet Union. Compromise, basically. And it is precisely about these documents that the film 'Kompromat: The Russian Dossier' focuses on, a French production about Mathieu (Gilles Lellouche), the director of the French Alliance of Irkutsk, one of the largest cities in Siberia, in northern Russia. The executive, in addition to facing a family crisis, becomes a victim of these documents and has to deal with the advances of the secret agency. Although the political plots are exaggeratedly simplified to make the film flow without too many surprises, the feature film hits the thriller tone and knows how to stir up the audience's emotions in an intense story that has, at its peak, unbelievable moments.



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A French diplomat must escape an FSB plot in Siberia.

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