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Wood and Water

An elderly mother travels to Hong Kong to connect with her son, discovering herself and deep connections with locals.


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An elderly, recently retired mother decides to leave behind rural Germany to travel to the vast Hong Kong, the place that kept her separated from her son. So simple is the premise of 'Wood and Water', a film executed as a minimalist travel diary in form and language, more inspired by the meditative films of directors such as Tsai Ming-liang and Apichatpong Weerasethakul. It is a slow and deliberate film, in which we see an elderly protagonist learning to connect with others on her solitary journey, while learning to exist on her own, with her fears, anxieties and guilt.



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Plot summary

Anke was looking forward to a family reunion with her children to celebrate her retirement. When her Hong Kong-based son Max cancels his trip, she decides to visit him instead. So begins an unhurried solo travelogue, during which Anke makes deep connections with local residents, as well as herself.

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