Agua de ArrayánAgua de Arrayán
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Agua de Arrayán

A father's journey of faith to heal his comatose son in Talpa.


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Alejandro Robles-Gil writes and directs his feature film debut, a call of faith based on the stories of millions of pilgrims who have walked the same path to Talpa in the state of Jalisco. The film has an impressionistic cinematography that captures the landscapes of the Mexican Sierra Madre Occidental almost as if it were a documentary. The cast is very attractive, featuring newcomer Issac Ledezma, Lucía Guilmán (Darker Than Night), José Carlos Ruiz (Gentle Fatherland), Itatí Cantoral (No Manches Frida 2), Alberto Estrella (You're Not You, I'm Me), Michelle Rodríguez (I Take You With Me), Amaranta Ruiz (Capadocia), Eduardo Santamarina (When I'm Young) and Daniela Luján (On Your Tracks).



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Luego de un accidente que deja en coma a su hijo, un padre de familia hará lo imposible por volver a verlo sano. Por ello emprende un viaje por la ruta del peregrino rumbo a Talpa en la búsqueda de un milagro a través del poder de la fe.

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