The Infernal MachineThe Infernal Machine
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The Infernal Machine

A reclusive author is forced to confront his past when he receives cryptic messages from an obsessive fan.


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Starring Guy Pierce ('The Hunt', 'Memento'), 'The Infernal Machine' is a tense and meticulous psychological thriller, one of those that require attention to detail in order to finally understand the full picture. The story follows a famous and reclusive writer who finds himself followed by an obsessed fan. The interaction forces the author to face his past, and truths come to light. Engaging atmosphere and captivating plot, with a great performance by Guy Pierce, it's a tasty suspense for those who love a story full of mysteries.



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Plot summary

Bruce Cogburn, a reclusive and controversial author of the famed book The Infernal Machine, is drawn out of hiding when he begins to receive endless letters from an obsessive fan. What ensues is a dangerous labyrinth as Bruce searches for the person behind the cryptic messages… forcing him to confront his past and ultimately revealing the truth behind his book.

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