Lima Barreto: Ao Terceiro DiaLima Barreto: Ao Terceiro Dia
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Lima Barreto: Ao Terceiro Dia

A black writer in early Brazilian Republic chronicles his life in hospital before dying.


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Strong biopic of the Rio de Janeiro writer Lima Barreto, author of great works of Brazilian literature such as 'O Triste Fim de Policarpo Quaresma' and 'Clara dos Anjos'. The movie follows the author's last days as he is about to die. In his final moments, succumbing to alcoholism, he rambles and composes chronicles about his life and his period, the early years of the Republic, a social context of great influence on his work.



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On the last days of his life, while succumbing to alcoholism in a hospital, famed writer Lima Barreto chronicles his trajectory story as a black, poor writer living in Brazilian society between monarchy's dying days and early years of republic with its countless social problems, which formed the basis of his many novels.

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