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20th Century GirlMovie on Netflix

While Yeon-du is away for heart surgery, her best friend Bora falls into the fever of first love with unexpected consequences.


Why watch this film?

Netflix continues its fixation on South Korean romantic comedies. Fortunately, most of the titles have been good and offer a diverse menu to fans of Korean production. This debut feature from director Woo-ri Bang, starring an experienced cast, is also a good example. The protagonists are familiar faces from successful romance series, so K-drama lovers will find the perfect excuse here to invest in a light comedy that reflects on past relationships and people who have fallen into oblivion. 20th Century Girl replaced with '20th Century Girl'.



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Plot summary

Yeon-du asks her best friend Bora to collect all the information she can about Baek Hyun-jin while she is away in the U.S. for heart surgery. Bora decides to get close to Baek’s best friend, Pung Woon-ho first. However, Bora’s clumsy plan unfolds in an unexpected direction. In 1999, a year before the new century, Bora, who turns seventeen, falls into the fever of first love.

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