The African DesperateThe African Desperate
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The African Desperate

A newly minted MFA grad navigates the frivolous art world on her last day of school.


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The movie follows Palace (Diamond Stingily), a recently graduated artist in her master's degree, who on her last day of classes is convinced to go to the graduation ball against her will. With a loose narrative that doesn't seem to be going anywhere in particular, the film bets on a series of visually chaotic encounters (similar to what was seen in Gaspar Noé's 'Climax'), with incisive comments about the frivolity of the art world, and the constant frictions that an African-American artist must undergo to succeed in it.



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This coming-of-age comedy tracks one very long day for Palace Bryant, a newly minted MFA grad whose final 24 hours in art school become a real trip.

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