Ronaldo, O FenômenoRonaldo, O Fenômeno
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Ronaldo, O Fenômeno

Against all odds, a Brazilian footballer rises to become a global icon despite injuries and setbacks.


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Ronaldo Nazário is not only an idol in Brazil, but also around the world. This documentary presents part of his life, focusing on his rise in European football between 1994 and 2002. The former player, who spent much of his adolescence on the pitch, had a career of great achievements - and a lot of drama due to knee problems. 'Ronaldo, The Phenomenon' has the ideal amount of emotion that will leave any Brazilian who follows football goosebumps, as well as great moments of relaxation - showing that it was not only talent that took Ronaldo to the status of a champion, he also has a charm that conquers anyone.



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The nickname “The Phenomenon” was justified. Football had never seen anything like Ronaldo Nazário. Injuries and frustrations threatened his career, but there was no stopping the Brazilian.

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