Louis Armstrong's Black & BluesLouis Armstrong's Black & Blues
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Louis Armstrong's Black & Blues

Experience the life of Louis Armstrong like never before through personal recordings and archival footage.


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The blues—and likely the history of contemporary music—cannot be understood without the influence of Louis Armstrong, one of the great figures of the 20th century. 'Louis Armstrong's Black & Blues' is an exclusive documentary from Apple TV that dives into a vast range of never-before-seen archival material, sure to be a feast for the musician's fans. However, in addition to this, the documentary focuses not only on his facet as a musician, but also explores the extensive role he had as an activist during the civil rights movement in the United States, painting a very complete portrait of Armstrong that both connoisseurs and beginners will appreciate.



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Never-before-heard personal recordings and archival footage tell the story of Louis Armstrong’s life from his perspective. From musical phenom to civil rights activist to world-renowned artist, this illuminating film shows sides of Armstrong few have seen.

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