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A young Mexican man searches for his father's remains and finds himself entangled in the dangerous world of illegal labor.


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Mixing elements of thriller, social drama and acerbic comedy, La caja is a film set in northern Mexico, depicting the hardships of illegal labor on the border. The plot follows a young man who travels in search of his father's remains, supposedly found in a mass grave in Chihuahua. However, he meets a man resembling his father, raising doubts about his death and opening the door to having the father figure he always wanted, though his methods are questionable. Directed by Venezuelan Lorenzo Vigas (winner of the Golden Lion at Venice for Desde allá) and co-written with Argentine Paula Markovitch (El premio), La caja portrays a world where morality is considered a luxury when survival and protecting the family are most important in the face of impunity and corruption.



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A Mexican teenager sets out to collect his fathers remains, only to be sucked into the underbelly of the manufacturing industry.

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