The Cursed: Dead Man's PreyThe Cursed: Dead Man's Prey
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The Cursed: Dead Man's Prey

An independent journalist investigates paranormal phenomena surrounding a mysterious serial murder case involving cursed zombies.


Why watch this film?

Generally, when we think of zombie plots, our minds take us directly to Romero's creatures: dying beings, falling apart, walking in an awkward way, but representing danger due to resistance and the danger of a single bite. That's why it's curious how 'Bangbeob: Jaechaui' follows a totally different path: the feature film follows the story of an independent journalist who investigates paranormal phenomena. In this story, which is a derivative of the series 'The Cursed', the journalist goes after the death of a man who is killed by another man who had been dead for three months. That's when they discover the existence of cursed zombies. Directed by Yong-wan Kim, 'Bangbeob: Jaechaui' does not use zombies in a conventional way. They "resurrected" because of a kind of voodoo magic. They are controlled, they are dangerous and, above all, they don't even have the appearance of zombies as we know them from the movies. They can run, kill, chase and even talk. With that, Kim quickly manages to create some really good scenes. There is tension in the air of 'Bangbeob: Jaechaui', mainly when the director puts the zombies into play. When they are on stage, the threat is increasing - despite even driving taxis. Good surprise of zombie cinema.



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Plot summary

A mysterious serial murder cases take place by jaechaui (dead bodies which have risen from the dead and able to talk). These bodies are manipulated by someone.

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