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Nada é por Acaso

A woman returns from a trip with millions of reais, but encounters with a couple and their son make her question her life choices.


Why watch this film?

Spiritual movie based on the work of Zíbia Gasparetto, 'Nothing is by Chance' is, on the surface, one of those movies that talk about meetings and mismeetings, people who cross paths and stories that feed off each other - like the infamous 'Crash: No Limit'. Here, director Márcio Trigo ('The Adventure Clock') starts telling the story of Marina, a young woman who returns from a trip with five million reais in her account. Now she just wants to move forward without looking back. However, the constant encounters between Marina, Maria Eugênia, Henrique and the couple's son can't just be a coincidence - and make her look at everything she has done in her life so far. With a novel-like style, the feature film shows the power of destiny and, above all, how the path of spirituality can be an important guide in people's lives. A good movie, which knows how to be religious without preaching.



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Plot summary

It tells the most delicate aspects of marriage and the desire to have a child, in addition to the pitfalls of greed.

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