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A team of muxes, a third gender in Mexico, fight for acceptance and integration through dance and festivities.


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In Mexico, particularly among the Zapotec peoples of Oaxaca, there are people who identify with a third gender, beyond male or female, known as muxes. This documentary explores not only what it means to belong to such a group, but also the constant struggles for inclusion and acceptance - sometimes even within their own community. Adding to these complexities, there is also a fascinating portrait of the dance, food, and festivities that celebrate the identity of the muxes, making this documentary an excellent starting point to learn more about them.



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'Muxes' brings together a team made up of a photographer, a poet, a teacher, a social worker and an activist to take us by the hand on a personal journey through this identity, their struggle for acceptance and integration within violence and discrimination against the one that they face, on some occasions, from their own group, within this realistic perspective, as well as the way in which this group fights it through dance, cooking and festivities that celebrate their identity such as the Candle, a celebration that arose in the seventies as a response to the rejection received by the Muxe community.

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