Ojos que no venOjos que no ven
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Ojos que no ven

A librarian becomes obsessed with a new student and kidnaps him, causing a crisis with his real mother.


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Eyes That Don't See is a Mexican thriller that surprises thanks to the performances of each member of its cast, including Arcelia Ramírez (The Civil), Hector Kotsifakis (Cantinflas), Fernanda Castillo (Monarca) and Flavio Medina (The Good Girls). Although the execution is uneven, its script, which sows constant mysteries, addresses topics such as motherhood and obsession in an interesting way.



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Plot summary

Elena is in charge of the library in a private school. Her monotonous life is affected when a new child arrives at school with whom she is obsessed and whom she treats like her son. One day she decides to take him away, generating a crisis in his real mother, Andrea, who will do everything possible to get him back.

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