The Last Dolphin KingThe Last Dolphin King
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The Last Dolphin KingMovie on Netflix

A world-renowned dolphin trainer's life and shocking death are explored in this gripping documentary.


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You may not have heard his name, but Spanish José Luis Barbero was one of the greatest dolphin trainers in the world, winning awards and applause wherever he went. However, he tragically died in 2015 while exercising his profession. This is the theme of the documentary 'The Last Dolphin King', by the duo Luis Ansorena Hervés and Ernest Riera, which tells details about Barbero's life and what happened behind his death. A typical Netflix true crime production, accompanied by a shocking, little-known story that should attract even those who are not fans of the genre.



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Plot summary

This documentary traces the career of renowned Spanish dolphin trainer José Luis Barbero and the events leading up to his shocking death in 2015.

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