El Poderoso VictoriaEl Poderoso Victoria
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El Poderoso Victoria

A young machinist leads a small town in Mexico to build a steam train and save it from falling into disgrace and oblivion.


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The Mighty Victoria is a movie that takes us back to the Golden Age of Mexican cinema, with beautiful photography presenting an inspiring vision of Jalisco in the 30s, when a local mine closes and a young machinist, Duran, embarks on an adventure to build a steam train to save his town. It is a Mexican movie with ambitious production values and featuring performances by actors such as Damian Alcazar, Joaquin Cosio, and Luis Felipe Tovar. Its story, though inspiring, is predictable, making it ideal for an evening of film without any major aspirations.



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Plot summary

The people of a small town called "La Esperanza" in Mexico, find themselves in the need to build a steam train with their own hands, to prevent the town from falling into disgrace and oblivion.

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