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She Said

Two female journalists investigate a powerful Hollywood mogul's decades of sexual assault.


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The Harvey Weinstein case has gone down in the annals of the film industry as one of the most shocking. After all, after a rigorous and in-depth investigation by journalists from 'The New York Times', they discovered that the powerful Miramax boss had been sexually and emotionally harassing actresses and employees for years. A bombshell in Hollywood, which triggered the #MeToo movement. In 'She Said', filmmaker Maria Schrader ('The Ideal Man', 'Unorthodox') delves into the investigation of journalists Megan Twohey (Carey Mulligan) and Jodi Kantor (Zoe Kazan), who face all the pressure of this industry and, contrary to everything and everyone, manage to discover details about what Weinstein had been doing behind the scenes for decades. Although a bit repetitive in its essence and structure, an important film that details one of the most emblematic moments of the cinema industry and that shows how women's voices can and should be heard. There is only a bitter taste in the mouth when the credits go up and the audience sees that Brad Pitt, accused of having assaulted his ex-wife Angelina Jolie, is one of the producers. With this, it quickly becomes painfully clear how the world has changed, but not enough.



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New York Times reporters Megan Twohey and Jodi Kantor break one of the most important stories in a generation - a story that helped ignite a movement and shattered decades of silence around the subject of sexual assault in Hollywood.

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