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The Marriage App

A couple uses a points-based app to solve their crisis, but it becomes an obsession.


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What is the limit of using a technology? When we become addicted and can no longer leave that website or app? 'Matrimillas', an Argentine comedy from Netflix, dives right into this universe by talking about a frustrated couple with marriage problems who find hope in a fun app that rewards good actions. However, it quickly becomes an obsession and everything spirals out of control. Directed by Sebastián De Caro ('Recortadas'), the movie relies on some clichés that should have stayed in the 2000s and don't even amuse anymore. Nevertheless, in the end, the couple's atypical situation immersed in the app can be quite relatable.



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Plot summary

A couple is going through a crisis. They decide to use an app that gives or subtracts points for every good deed they do for each other. This seems to be the solution, until the obsession with accumulating points spirals out of control.

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