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Filho da Mãe

A touching tribute to the late Paulo Gustavo, showcasing his last tour with his mother as his inspiration.


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Paulo Gustavo is one of the biggest names in Brazilian humor, making millions of people laugh with his creative wit in 'Minha Mãe é uma Peça' and 'Minha Vida em Marte'. However, his journey was cut short by his unexpected death in 2021, when he lost to the COVID virus. Now, his story is honored with the beautiful documentary 'Filho da Mãe', exclusive to Prime Video. Here, director Susana Garcia (from the franchise 'Os Homens são de Marte...') brings behind-the-scenes footage of a play that Paulo Gustavo did with his mother, Dona Déa, before the pandemic. The images not only comfort the hearts of fans, who see details of Paulo Gustavo's life, but also make them laugh and move them.



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Plot summary

It's for those who miss laughing with Paulo Gustavo. The documentary follows the backstage of the actor's last tour: a musical show with his mother, Dona Déa, his great inspiration to create Dona Hermínia - main character of 'Minha Mãe é uma Peça', the greatest success in history of Brazilian cinema.

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